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"Artist Self Portrait"  oil . 30in. x 36in. NFS



Come and discover my blend of Modern Contemporary Expressionism and Classical Traditionalism in my oil paintings and drawings. I have expanded the boundaries of artistic techniques, thus allowing myself a freedom of expression and creativity to paint in a more fluid manner.


By an early age of 5, I found my passion for art.  Whether painting or drawing inside my studio using live models or painting outdoors standing in nature, I am always surrounded by life’s pulsating and illusive allure.  


My “Water Paintings” are unique because of how I manipulate the medium, oil pastel on paper.   I need to use high energy to manipulate the oil pastel to create the effects of water, waves, and the movement of currents, all the while using vibrant colors.  They are all fun pieces, full of water’s energy which create  the presence of spirituality from which look as if they were the 'waters man emerged from'!.


Creating art is my addiction; always desiring more, I hope I convey this infectious love I have for color, vibrancy, beauty and their emotions.


All artwork is original, except when stated as a giclee print, all are available for purchase.



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