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"Artist Self Portrait"  oil . 30in. x 36in. NFS



Come and discover my blend of Modern Contemporary Expressionism and Classical Traditionalism in my oil paintings and drawings. I have expanded the boundaries of artistic techniques, thus allowing myself a freedom of expression and creativity to paint in a more fluid manner. My color choices have vibrancy that dance across and move throughout my work.


By an early age of 5, I found my passion for art. It turned into an energy giving me an insatiable appetite, which became my focus striving for the perfection of the imagery. Whether painting or drawing inside my studio using live models or painting outdoors standing in nature, I am always surrounded by life’s pulsating and illusive allure. Painting outdoors can be a definite challenge. Weather is constantly changing; its appearance can be fooling, shifting within minutes, but always a fun and exciting adventure every time. I find the best times to go outside and paint are at dusk or dawn, before or after the storm, on a windy or cloudy day; I like the unusual.


My artwork has a commonality of being achieved quickly, painting as fast as possible, using the highest energy I can apply. My brushstrokes, once placed down on the canvas, must stay untouched. The freshness and spontaneity is communicated through the applied paints and vibrant colors I choose.


My “Water Paintings” are unique because of how I manipulate the medium, oil pastel on paper. I use a protective sealer over their surface once finished.  However, when combined with a graphite drawing, I must then cover  the piece with glass. For all the other oil pastel's, whether small or large in size, these paintings never need glass coverage and are hung the same as oil paintings.   I need to use high energy to manipulate the oil pastel to create the effects of water, waves, and the movement of currents, all the while using vibrant colors. The excitement I feel while painting these is oxygen to my soul. They are all fun pieces, full of water’s energy. It is this intense vision before you that lures the viewer’s eyes, mesmerizing you, each with its individual personality. They give the presence of spirituality from which 'waters man emerged from.'


Creating art is my addiction; always desiring more, I hope I convey this infectious love I have for color, vibrancy, beauty and their emotions.


My artwork does not reproduce the visible; instead, it makes what you are looking at become visible.


All artwork is original, except when stated as a giclee print, all are available for purchase.



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