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   "Crystal Explosion"

oil on canvas 40 x 60in.


crystal explosion- oil on canvas- 40in. x 60in._edited.png
"Crystal Shadows"

oil on canvas   24in. x 38in.  SOLD

crystal in red theme-sold_edited_edited.jpg
"Crystal Mood"

oil on canvas  6in. x 18in.  $3,000.00

crystal Mood_edited.jpg
"Crystal Evening"

oil on canvas   30in. x 40in.   $3,000.00

"Crystal on Red Persian"

oil on canvas   10in. x 20in.   $400.00

crystal on rug 10in.x20in_edited.jpg
"Crystal on Persian Rug"

oil on canvas   10in. x 20in.    $400.00

crystal- oil on canvas- 10in. x 20in._edited.jpg
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